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Alaska Railroad given OK to move more gas - 11/5/15
Fairbanks Daily-News Miner
By Matt Buxton

FAIRBANKS - Three weeks ago, the Alaska Railroad Corporation got the green light from the feds to begin transporting liquefied natural gas by railcar, a reliable alternative to trucking gas to the Fairbanks area.

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McKeen Car Cuyamaca Restoration Update - 11/4/15
By Madison Kirkman

Thank you for keeping your trust in this project, we have had a few bumps here and there, the biggest and most recent has been that the Alaska Railroad, after looking at the car stated that it was too fragile to move by rail. 10 months in, and we had to start the process of getting quotes all over. This may have been a good problem, because before I tried to get quote for the Railroad to move it, I got a quote from a trucking company to move it, and from Anchorage to Seattle alone was going to be $15,000. The other company I tried to get a quote from said straight up they couldn't (or wouldn't) do it.

Recently, however, I got a new quote to move it the entire distance from Anchorage, Ak., to Ramona, Cal. and some how the cost for the entire move, which includes a steamship/barge move from Alaska to Tacoma is going to be $10656.95. We are going to to look into it more, but if the car can be kept intact, it will be. Again, thanks for waiting this whole time to see little done, we will post more in a the next week or so on any updates.

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President Obama signs H.R. 3819; PTC extension now official - 11/2/15
By Mischa Wanek-Libman

President Barack Obama signed H.R. 3819 the "Surface Transportation Extension Act of 2015" on Oct. 29.

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