Holland America

Numbers 1058 (Kashwitna) and 1059 (Teklanika) on their way to Alaska!


Holland America Line Inc. is running ten new bi-level dome dining-lounge cars for its Fairbanks-Anchorage rail service on the Alaska Railroad's passenger trains. These cars were built to a new design by Tom Rader's Colorado Railcar Manufacturing Co. at Fort Lupton, Colorado. At 18 ft 2 inches tall, and 89 feet long, these new domes are being billed by Holland America as the world's largest passenger cars. Each railcar provides guests with access to spacious observation lounges, gift shops, leisurely dining and spectacular views from outdoor viewing platforms. "The best scenery is outside our rail cars, but we've made the interiors a work of art as well. The cars feature custom designed fabrics using Swiss wools, museum quality art and color schemes that evoke the award winning designs of Holland America Line ships."

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