Curry, Alaska
November 19th, 1922

Mr. Wm. Gerig,
Asst. Chief Engineer
Anchorage, Alaska

Dear Sir:

With reference to your instructions to me in regard to the buildings at Curry, the following is submitted. You will find a plat of the buildings enclosed.

Building #1 is the Old Hotel. This building is used on the lower floor by Nellie Neal for the transient trade and I using the 2nd and 3rd floor for my men. Under ordinary weather conditions, this building is not hard to heat, but when it is quite cold and a high wind blowing, it is much more difficult to heat it.

Building #2 is the Log Bunk House. Has twenty-one bunks in it, and is easily heated by one big stove.

Building #3 is a three-room cottage and is not in good condition for cold weather. Two of the dining-car men are sleeping in the cottage on their layover here on train 2.

Building #4 is a two-room cottage occupied by Engineer Kennedy and his wife. He has spent a good deal of time repairing the building this fall and winter but it is hard to heat in cold, windy weather.

Building #5 is a three-room cottage occupied by Dan McInnis, Russel Plow Pilot, and. the same applies to this building as #4.

Building #6 is occupied by the Car Knocker and a Hostler Helper, and is quite cold under any conditions.

Building #7 is a one-room building, was formerly a tool house used by the Section Foreman here, is now occupied by Arch Lewis, Conductor, who fixed it up with canvas and paper and it is new quite comfortable in ordinary weather.

Building #8 and #9 are occupied by the Trainmen, each having six bunks and all of them occupied. They are canvassed inside and are comparatively warm in cold weather and no wind.

Building #10 is the Depot and the Agent and the Operator with his family occupy the back part. This building is sheltered and is in a fair state of repair.

Building#11 is occupied by the T. & T. Linemen and is in the same condition as the other cottages. This building has three small rooms and three people occupy it, the Lineman and his family.

Building #12 is the Section men's house containing five fairly large rooms and is heated well in ordinary weather by the three heating stoves and the cook-stove,

Building #13 is the Old Warehouse and recently the middle room of the three rooms was fixed up for a Bunkhouse. This room was papered inside and is quite comfortable.

All of these buildings excepting the Log Bunk House are built out of native lumber and owing to the shrinkage of the lumber, the paper that was in between the boards has been torn by the nails until the wind has easy access to the building. The roofs of all of the buildings are badly in need of repair.

Yours truly,