1810 SI

Page Updated: May 30, 2001
Photo By: Allen Hurst
Date Taken: October 7th, 2000
Place Taken: Samuel's Industries, Milwaukie, OR
Description: Her days of acting (UNDER SEIGE 2) are all but a thing of the past.  Fresh from the paint shop, old GP7u #1810 is ready for service.  She looks great in her new, bright colors.  She goes by the name, Eileen Samuels, and does her cousins proud.  A picture of one of her cousins, Myron, will be added shortly.



1810      1810

Number 1810 was used by Nevada Industrial Switching after making its appearance in Under Siege II.  It was then purchased by the Moalla Western just south of Portland, Oregon.   Allen Hurst says, "Molalla Western has been running cows with heavy consists of lumber and grain, all on a good incline.  It has been a little too much for the cows.  They informed me that they were planning on running 1810 with a slug in the future.  The UP leaves filled grain cars and empty lumber cars at its siding in Canby.  These are taken by Molalla Western to Molalla and exchanged for full lumber cars and empty grain cars."


Photos and information courtesy of Allen Hurst


February 8, 2008
Photo courtesy of Allen Hurst


SFGX #1810, Dodge City, KS, 9/3/15
Photo courtesy of Paul Wester