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Welcome to the Alaska Railroad Picture of the Week archives. A photograph is truly worth a thousand words. The Picture of the Week page began on February 16, 1998 with Jeff Child's photo of the Alaska Railroad's first locomotive, number 1. Since that time, professional photographers, railfans, Alaska Railroad employees, historians and passengers have sent a multitude of prints, slides, scanned images and digital photographs. Unfortunately, I can only post a fraction of what I receive due to lack of time and server space. Sit back, relax and enjoy!

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2002 Pictures of the Week
01/07 Ken Brovald The Black Maria - Hyrail Vehicle #ARR 260 is a 1966 Chrysler Town and Country Station Wagon and now resides at MATI.
01/14 Pat Durand Matanuska Junction (and water tank) at the south end of the wye in 1942.  The foundation and pump sump for this structure still remain today.
01/22 John Waide Caboose number 1077 in the Fairbanks Yard in November 1988.
01/29 Albert W. Bailey No. 1072 at the Curry Hotel in 1950 and MRS1 no. 1809 in front of the Anchorage Depot.
02/04 Bob Focht Rebuilt/repainted no. 3015 in the locomotive shop and its HEP panel/controls. (01/2002)
02/11 Albert W. Bailey Steamer 802 at the Curry Roundhouse and number 801 after its wreck at Nenana. 1950
02/18 Gene Adoline Kicking off the addition of the Gene Adoline collection to my web site with his photo of steamer #703 (1950)
02/25 Don Prince Three photos (1, 2, 3) from the Healy Roundhouse fire (5/10/1952)
03/04 James Sava Three photos from the James Sava collection: RSD1 #1054, SW1 #1202 and Alco RSD1 #1032 (1952, 1951, 1951)
03/11 Don Prince A troop train south at the Fairbanks depot loading for the port of Whittier. (151 or 1952)
03/18 James Sava Four photos (1, 2, 3, 4) from the Healy Roundhouse fire (5/10/1952)
03/25 Robert Krol A record breaking snow of 28.7 inches in a 24 hour period coats the little steam engine in front of the Anchorage Depot. March 2002
04/01 Wayland Ferreira Wayland built a second ballast plow car, #12551. March 2002
04/01 Bob Focht The Nordic Ski Club's ski train at Grandview pulled by 3013, 3014, and 3009.   February 2002
04/08 Andy Tejral The Easter train gliding across the frozen Alaskan landscape. 3/31/02
04/15 John Waide A string of GP40s in the Fairbanks yard.  December 1997
04/22 Robert Ulberg Former ARR caboose number 1070 in Washington.  April 2002
04/29 Shane Durand Rebuilt GP40-2 number 3009 pulling passenger cars out of Whittier.  (4/29/02)
05/06 E.D. Motis Alaska Railroad's idea of 'Army Surplus', MRS1 1604 at Anchorage.  July 1985
05/13 Andy Tejral The tank train on Post Road near the old Chugach generating plant.  March 2002
05/20 James Sava Two photos (1 and 2) of Rotary number three slicing through the snow.
05/27 Clara Elge The Short train on Trail Lake is just about to cross Falls Creek and head into the Crown Point siding.
06/03 Shane Durand Boats!  Boats!  Boats!  On a railroad flatcar, is there anything more Alaskan in appearance than a boat?  Whittier, 7/18/01
06/10 Shane Durand Boat on a flatcar with the Begich Towers in the background.  Whittier, 8/10/01
06/17 Don Marenzi ARR 12678 with car & trailer load. Picture taken at the Puget Sound - Alaska Van Lines yard in Seattle, WA in September 1968
06/24 Jack Klingbeil The Anchorage Roundhouse in 1922.
07/01 Matt McCullor While Matt was coming back to Anchorage from Fairbanks, he passed these two troop cars with the sign "FOR RENT". June 2002
07/08 Jim Somerville Aerial view of the Anchorage shops. June 2002
07/15 Mike Cragen Aerial view of a passenger train in Moose Pass. 7/1/02
07/22 Daniel Bowers Fairmont motor car, Honolulu, coffee time. July 1949
07/29 John Henderson A Baldwin 2-8-2T originally brought to Anchorage for the 1967 Alaska Purchase Centennial .
08/05 James Sava No. 1050-1051 in front of the yard office (no longer there) in Fairbanks yard, going out on south freight #25.  Summer 1951
08/12 John Combs A proud passenger train crossing Riley Creek trestle and rounding a curve. 7/31/02
08/19 Cindy Lemon Four passenger coaches getting a rebuild at Talgo LRC
08/26 Pat Durand Summer passenger service to Whittier in 2002 is a fine string of equipment; a far cry from the hand me downs used for the past 30 years.   5/30/02
09/02 Don Prince Rear view of the rotary snowplow clearing the line between Anchorage and Seward.  March 1969
09/09 Matt McCullor The Whittier Shuttle at Bird Creek rest stop on Labor Labor Day. 9/2/02
09/16 Robert Krol The cold outside air and the warm air inside the coach made this condensation pattern on the outside of a Grandview coach.  September 2002
09/23 Richard Wise A northbound Whittier freight holds at the Portage wye for the empty southbound Seward Passenger train. 9/15/02
09/30 Kenny Riancho Winning caption contest entry: "Excuse me Sir, I have to get up to the engine so we can leave." June 2000
10/07 Shane Durand Two rail barges came in to Whittier.  After the first train and barge departed, the CN barge tied up.  7/5/01
10/14 Carl Freshour While in the 714th Railway Operating Battalion, Carl took this photo of number 224 on the rails. 1944
10/21 Jeff Terkel Here's my idea of the job I want to do for the Alaska Railroad. 2002
10/28 Jeff DeBroeck Locomotive crane number 109 getting ready to perform some Maintenance of Way work. 2002
11/04 Mike Presley William's Oil Co.'s new switcher CLCX 02113.  October 2002
11/11 Nathan Holmes A pair of SD70MACs pulling the southbound oil express (OX) at Healy, May 23, 2002.
11/18 John Henderson Rotary fleet moving to the refueling tower after running to Seward and back April 12, 1969.
11/25 Ken Brovald The longest passenger train on record passing through Bird Creek.  9/15/79.
12/02 Unknown 1940s vintage photographs of the Tunnel section house and the cross over point of the Loop.
12/09 Pat Durand No snow, no frost, no ice, 47F as Alaska Railroad # 2001 basks in the mid day low sun.   12/6/02
12/16 Jaimie Jones Here is the first photo of the ACL 1804 on Gold Coast Railroad property.  November 2002
12/23 Jack Klingbeil No. 1050 skirting a snowy Carlo, 1949
12/30 James Sava Fairbanks passenger depot in 1951.  Both photos (1, 2) are taken from the end of the track on the main line looking south. 

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