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Welcome to the Alaska Railroad Picture of the Week archives. A photograph is truly worth a thousand words. The Picture of the Week page began on February 16, 1998 with Jeff Child's photo of the Alaska Railroad's first locomotive, number 1. Since that time, professional photographers, railfans, Alaska Railroad employees, historians and passengers have sent a multitude of prints, slides, scanned images and digital photographs. Unfortunately, I can only post a fraction of what I receive due to lack of time. Sit back, relax and enjoy!

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2007 Pictures of the Week
AMHA A rare view of both locomotives together in 1976. They were usually assigned individually to the alternating train sets on daily passenger service between Anchorage and Fairbanks. 1/1/76
01/08 Robert Krol A collection of photos from Whittier's December 2006 blizzard.
01/15 Dale Greth Taken from the Anchorage Operations Center's yard tower shows freight cars chilling out in minus 10 degree temps. 1/2007
01/15 Mike Chizmar A detailed HO scale GP40 #3014 and GP35 #2503 testing some recently laid track. 1/2007
01/22 Darrell Sawyer ARCX 5022 in West Seattle, May 1993
01/29 Paul Duncan Three sold GP49's on their way to Coast Engine and Equipment Company. Tacoma Yard, WA 1/25/07
02/05 Mark Earnest This is what happens when a container full of cement breaks loose and drops on a couple of tank cars on the barge while at sea. 12/06
02/12 David Shechter Photos taken of a string of hoppers and tank cars while David was in Fairbanks for my sisters wedding. 1/1307
02/19 Mike Ferguson Mike Ferguson saw this "cow dog" tank car everywhere so he decided to model it in HO scale.
02/26 Mark Earnest Whittier Dock loading operation of Holland America Tours buses. 10/29/06. For more photos in the series, click here.
03/05 Chris Bellows "Here's a shot of the passenger train at Seward on the one day that I got to see Seward this summer. A bit cloudy, but the color of the clouds worked nicely." 7/18/06
03/12 Daniel Spiker Heading from North Pole toward Moose Creek and eventually Eielson AFB, getting ready to cross the flood channel bridge. Also here is the train as it enters into Moose Creek. 2007
03/19 Curt Fortenberry Curt catches P-30 in the Anchorage yard on a beautiful sunny day. 10/15/03
03/26 Robert Krol DPU pushing coal cars down by Crown Point. Front end (large).....rear end.
04/02 Gary DeMarco They were moving tank cars and I was able to get some great pictures. I also took pictures of both sides of the new Alaska Railroad station in Fairbanks.3-18-07
04/09 Dominique Ney The Easter bunny uses the most economical and reliable method to move his goodies as shown in Dominique's garden layout (1, 2, 3)
04/16 Mark Earnest This old boxcar (1, 2) located near Portage was part of an old homestead. The Earthquake of 1964 swamp-ified the area and everything was left to return to nature. In the background on the second photo you can still catch a glimpse of the old homestead. 3/07
04/23 Chris Starnes This collage of his photos goes to show the ARR is indeed "at your service" even if you live out in the bush. Check out more of his trip photos here.
04/30 Yongkie GP40 #3010 in Whittier with the Coral Princess as an elegant backdrop. 6/12/06
05/07 Matt Leistico ARRC open house - For the railfan, the ARRC provided free train rides. For the modeler, Marty Quaas provided his clever HO scale Mooselip Railroad. 5/5/07
05/14 Rich Holzapfel It was said it would never happen, but here it is!! SD70MAC #4319 on a work train hauling concrete ties at Hurricane meeting the southbound coal train.
05/21 Mike Ferguson GP-38-2 numbers 2001 and 2006 in brand-spanking new paint at BNSF's Yardly in Spokane, Washington. 5/18/07
05/28 John Combs Wisconsin Southern Railroad's paint shop giving #3002 some body work while #3005 is getting some final attention before receiving a coat of blue. 5/17/07
06/04 Robert Krol LC 106 and 107 at Portage. Looks like the ARR is busy with the cranes in the Portage area. April 2007
06/11 Dale Greth Old fashioned hunting rig going to a remote site between Talkeetna and Hurricane. May 2007
06/18 Dan Garvey The Alaska Railroad along Turnagain Arm area is one of the most beautiful train rides in the world! 5/19/07
06/25 Rich Holzapfel "Here's a picture I took while we were picking up steel ties by the Indian River Bridge at mile 266.3" May 2007
07/02 Mark Earnest Military equipment on the move. Whittier, May 2007
07/02 Dan Garvey Two new Stryker (howitzer version) vehicles in the Anchorage yard. June 2007
07/09 Blake Moore "I have never noticed an MP15 in the Fairbanks yard before. I just about drove off the road when I recognized it." 7/1/07
07/09 Raymond Hamm A very rare sighting of an MP15 in Fairbanks. July 2007
07/16 Matt Heeren Our manifest train from our Northern Division to Southern Division brought down two Alaska Units in fresh paint, 3002 and 3005. Also, here is one of old friends. July 2007
07/23 Robert Krol "Here's the big MAC on the Glacier Discovery on June 15th. I caught it in Bear Valley waiting for the green light into Whittier."
07/23 Kevin Starnes Jaw dropping photo of a freight train moving along Turnagain Arm from Seward to Anchorage.
07/30 David Shechter David and his wife made a stop at the Aurora Express Bed and Breakfast in Fairbanks (1, 2, 3, 4) 2007
08/06 Richard Elgenson They stopped the train (1, 2) for about 15 minutes to allow the southbound Denali Star to get further away from us. I have never seen so much fireweed in bloom. MP 269, 8/07
08/13 Robert Krol

Notice that the dump car on the left looks newer. Extra-gang foreman Rich Holzapfel says, "We've had those four new 15900 series cars for at least four years. We were able to get them when the Difco company went out of business." Portage, July 2007. Second photo of Cat 988B on the same work train.

08/20 Art Chase "I caught the southbound just before she headed into the Denali station and in the Healy canyon." August 2007
08/20 Blake Moore Annual open house in Fairbanks. May 2007
08/20 Raymond Hamm ARRC #1 (also known as the Denali) in Fairbanks. Wells-Fargo rented her for a trip from Denali Park to Fairbanks. 8/18/07
08/27 Frank Pantuso What an awesome railroad they have up there. Borderline life changing train rides to say the least. August 2007
08/27 Frank Pantuso Holding the camera over the top of the Gold Star car's observation platform! I'm 6"2 and it has a low ceiling so it's not much of a stretch but hopefully original. August 2007
09/03 Robert Krol A heavily-laden barge propelled by a mighty tugboat emerges through the misty fog. And like a box of Cracker Jack, there is a surprise inside....jet engines! Whittier, A
09/10 Richard Elgenson Here is the Coastal Classic northbound on August 9, 2007 with a freight meet with 4005 southbound for Seward. Several days earlier, Richard had a more lofty view of the Coastal Classic from Race Point on Mt. Marathon in Seward.
09/17 Bruce Czulada Bruce and his wife just returned from Alaska where they spent two great weeks on an Alaska Railroad tour (1, 2) August 2007.
09/24 Kyle Westbrook The southbound Denali Star at Riley Creek trestle. August 25, 2007
09/24 Dale Greth The ARR is testing out a new switch engine from EMD. The crews love it and say it can really PULL! August 2007
10/01 Blake Moore The yellow colors of the north bound passenger train at Deanli Station seem to coordinate nicely. 9/9/07
10/01 Douglas Ellison NRE 2007 and SD70MAC #4012 sitting side by side at the fuels racks. Anchorage, 9-25-07
10/08 James Gardiner Four new SD70MACs on their way to Alaska! (1, 2, 3, 4) London, Ontario, Canada, September 29, 2007
10/15 Gerald Burblis Southbound arriving at Girdwood Station from Anchorage. Note the "crowd" in the lower right-hand corner awaiting the train's arrival. 9/07 (also a roof shot)
10/22 Pat O'Brien We were on the train from Anchorage to Seward - it was fabulous. I am attaching some of my personal favorites (1, 2). 6/13/07
10/29 Jody Moore On the way to Alaska is the newest dome passenger car, number 557, made by the fine folks at Colorado Railcar Manufacturing.
11/05 Mark Earnest Military on the move in Whittier (1, 2, 3). October 2007
11/12 John Combs Wanna buy a railcar? The Seward Chamber of Commerce is selling their information center railcar. This parlor observation car was built in 1916 by Pacific Car and Foundry in Oakland, California and purchased by the Alaska Railroad in 1935. They retired it in 1960. In 1963 the coach was given to the Seward Chamber of Commerce and moved to its present location by two local men a few weeks before the 1964 earthquake. This was accomplished by pulling it up Second Avenue with two caterpillar tractors. This would make an awesome Christmas present for any Alaska Railroad railfan! This photo was taken 8/19/05.
11/19 Michael Criss Stop the presses! I just received this photo which was taken today (November 18) and instantly fell in love with it. I hope you enjoy it too! Isn't wintertime in Alaska awesome!
11/26 Don Marenzi F7 number 1510 leads a passenger train across the Alaskan wilderness. 1975.
12/03 Michael Criss "Had a great sunrise yesterday (12/1/07) and chased the Aurora through Wasilla."
12/10 Allan Love, Jr. Two new SD70MACs (1, 2, 3) in Blair, Nebraska on 12/9/07 making their way across the country to their new Alaskan home.
12/17 Don Marenzi The Black Maria in the Anchorage yard. 1975
12/24 Art Chase GP40 nos. 3003 and 3004 pulling the oil train from the North Pole refinery. January 2007
12/31 David Blazejewski A double rainbow shot at the Anchorage yard on July 13, 2007. Note: the photographer is a railroad employee and was wearing all required personal protective equipment. The ARRC does not permit the general public on to their private property without permission.


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