Hurricane Gulch
M.P. 284.2


Hurricane Gulch Bridge

One of the line's best photo vantage points, this $1,200,000 bridge spans 918 feet, some 296 feet above the Chulitna River.  This engineering feat was the most expensive and difficult bridge project on the railroad.  The American Bridge Company started construction in early 1921, erected steel in June and finished in August.  To construct the bridge, they strung an aerial tram across the gulch and construction proceeded from both sides.  The first passenger train crossed Hurricane Gulch Bridge on August 15, 1921.

Click here for a photo of the original Hurricane section house.

An RDC crosses Hurricane Gulch (June 2000)


Section House Campers
Hurricane section house approx.
three miles south of the gulch.
Section workers live nearby and
provide their own housing.


Bridge 1930s
Tourists walking across the Hurricane Gulch Bridge, 1930s



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