National Railway Historical Society Convention

The 2013 NRHS Convention took place in Alaska September 18-22. The following is a few photos taken by various railfans.

Art Chase Photos
John, hot off my camera and I was in town long enough to capture the train in North Pole and working her way back to Fairbanks.  I wanted to chase her on the airport branch but had a flight to catch. So from an airport across the west once again and back fresh off crewing Iowa Interstate RR QJ 7081, here are the better ones.

image image image image
The F-40 leads the consist in a push configuration.  The entire consist sits at North Pole, ready to head to Fairbanks After loading all the NRHS passengers, the train backed down to the end of Chapado's siding and then made the high speed run to Fairbanks....okay not...10MPH track. Working her way along the Old Richardson Highway.  The fall colors were at their best....and still on the trees!
image image image image
The Geeps pushing on the rear end. The colors just couldn't get any better than this. Right around the curve at branch mile marker 12. This zoom gives an idea on the track and reason for the speed.
image image image  
A crossing along the Old Richardson Highway Coming out of the trees and along the Old Rich. No 3003 brings up the rear and leans a little into the leisure run.  


Thanks a million to Art Chase for providing these photos!


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