We're proud to be in Alaska and love our state. We're the largest customer of the Alaska Railroad, shipping an average of about 50 cars per day (sometimes as high as 70!) of refined petroleum products from our North Pole refinery down to our Anchorage terminal. With the completion of our current expansion project, Crude III, in late fall of 1998, we will be increasing our daily shipments an average of 80, up to as much as 100, cars per day. Product is off-loaded in Anchorage: jet fuel for our domestic and international air carrier customers at the Anchorage International Airport; and other products are distributed by truck to the Anchorage areas as well. Various products are also shipped via barges to the Far East. Once emptied, the rail cars are shipped back up here to our refinery based in North Pole. The refinery started producing product in August 1977. Most recently MAPCO Inc. and it's subsidiaries were merged with Williams Companies based in Tulsa, OK.

Any organization is only as good as its people. And the people of MAPCO ALASKA PETROLEUM Inc. are a diversified group who take their jobs and their communities to heart. Over 160 Alaskans are employed at the North Pole Refinery and the Anchorage Terminal.

MAPCO is committed to Alaska hire, providing safe working conditions, open communications, teamwork, career development, training, and above all, making work fun and challenging for its employees.

Excerpt from the Alaska Railroad's 1997 Annual Report: MAPCO is the Alaska Railroad's single largest customer, accounting in 1997 for $21.2 million in gross revenues, or just more than one-third of total freight revenue. Shipments from the MAPCO Alaska Petroleum Refineries in North Pole was 412.5 million gallons.

mapco-map mapco-production
MAPCO'S products are then shipped all over the state and the world. MAPCO retains and produces about 12.2 million barrels of product per year in the above percentages.

Many thanks to Jeri Wigdahl at MAPCO for providing this information and giving permission to reprint.


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