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Jack Klingbeil says of his photos, "I was told that their pit had pretty much run dry and all that was left was sand. So they relocated their facility to about mile 47 on the Parks Highway. It appears they will be crushing at this site and not in town. Thus they will haul finished graded gravel and not pit run like the other gravel companies. As can be seen by the photographs there is the mainline, Pitman siding and now the new gravel loading track. They are hoping to load out the first train sometime in June 2004."
Piled ballast for railroad Loading conveyor Looking north
The new pit Stored gravel  

See also: QAP Kashwitna gravel pit operations (John's 2012 trip journal)


QAP Aerial Photo

If you look real close, you can see the QAP gravel train loading at Kashwitna. My wife took this photo yesterday, on the way to Talkeetna, for lunch. We were at 2,500 feet, a few miles west of the railroad. - James Ogden



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