Ammonium Nitrate Storage

Ammonium Nitrate Storage


Usibelli Coal Co. not only dispatches loaded coal trains, but also receives commodities by rail.

On the Suntrana Spur downgrade from the Healy Yard is a double tipple used to transfer Ammonium Nitrate (fertilizer) from railcars to trucks. This is an easy line side industry to model with just a short siding or stub track leading to the tipple. This facility can be as busy as the customer Usibelli Coal Co. The product is one ingredient in the explosive mix used to blast ground for the coal mine. On June 30, 2007 when Patrick Durand took the photo, there were four covered hoppers at the facility.

For modeling purposes in N scale two 35mm film canisters would provide the bins for the tipple.

Across the road is an easy back drop industry to model. Just blow up the photo and print off your very own fluid bed super clean coal power plant. That's the big white building in the back ground which is currently mothballed. The older mine mouth Healy Power plant is smaller and continues in operation right next door in the foreground of the photo.



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