Flint Hills Resources


Flint Hills Resources is the largest oil refinery in Alaska with a capacity of 220,000 barrels a day. the North Pole facility receives crude oil from the North Slope and processes it into gasoline, naptha, jet fuel, heating oil, diesel, gasoil and asphalt for Alaskan as well as international customers. Product is off-loaded in Anchorage: jet fuel for our domestic and international air carrier customers at the Anchorage International Airport; and other products are distributed by truck to the Anchorage areas as well. Various products are also shipped via barges to the Far East and coastal Alaska destinations. Once emptied, the rail cars are shipped back to the refinery in North Pole. The refinery started producing product in August 1977.


Here are some other informational tidbits and statistics:

Refinery Gate Track chart
Refinery Rail car entrance gate Rail car loading track diagram
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Loading nozzle

Trackmobile Trackmobile  
Trackmobile used to rail cars Trackmobile used to rail cars  



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