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Sea-Land Service Inc. is the largest U.S.-based ocean carrier and a leader in the global shipping industry. Sea-Land's integrated transportation system of ships, railroads, barge lines and trucking operations provide the most efficient containerized distribution service in the world.

Sea-Land Service operates one of the world's largest fleets of container vessels and has developed the most advanced terminal infrastructures in the industry, serving 120 ports in 80 countries. 
Beginning just weeks after the Good Friday Earthquake in 1964, Sea-Land began weekly service from Seattle to Anchorage. Starting with shipments of badly needed relief supplies and then expanding to general cargo, Sea-Land has grown into its role as Alaska's largest shipping company. Today, three Sea-Land vessels serve Alaska with two calls a week in Anchorage and Kodiak, one at Dutch Harbor, and two from the Port of Tacoma, WA. Sealand map

Sea-Land's primary mission in Alaska is to provide a supply link between the Forty-ninth State and the Continental U. S., as well as with the rest of the world. To ensure this link is never broken, Sea-Land built three linehaul D-7 Class vessels (M/V's Sea-Land Anchorage, Kodiak and Tacoma), which were commissioned in 1987. Each of the 710 foot-long containerships, capable of carrying over 740 40-foot containers, maintains a schedule between the ports of Tacoma, Washington, and Anchorage, Kodiak and Dutch Harbor, Alaska. Vessels sail twice weekly from Tacoma directly to Anchorage, and then call the island Port of Kodiak. One vessel a week then makes a call at Dutch Harbor, the busiest fishing port in the world, while the other vessel returns directly to Tacoma. Transit time between Tacoma and Anchorage is three and one-half days.  Additionally, a Sea-Land trans-Pacific express vessel stops at Dutch Harbor weekly as needed to expedite fresh Alaskan seafood directly to Japan and other Asian ports. The six-day service from Dutch Harbor to Yokohama is the fastest in the industry. From fresh vegetables to office supplies to new cars, Sea-Land ships transport virtually every commodity needed to keep Alaskans supplied.

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Sea-Land uses the Alaska Railroad to move containers that arrive in Anchorage inland to Fairbanks. The primary method of moving containers to Fairbanks is over the highway using Sea-Land linehaul trucks based in Anchorage. Sea-land also uses the railroad when the loads are too heavy to move over the highway and for some loads when road load limits are reduced each spring during "breakup", or our spring thaw. 
Sealand port Sea-Land Service operates a modern container operation at this port-leased terminal on the Sitcum Waterway in Tacoma, Washington. Sea-Land offers both Pacific (including Hawaii) and Alaska services from this modern facility, which is adjacent to the Port's South Intermodal Rail Yard. The Sea-Land Terminal covers more than 100 acres, provides easy truck access and is equipped with five container cranes. There is parking for over 2,950 container trailers, a 81,600 square foot container freight station with 82 truck bays and 29,000 square feet of covered storage. There is also 66 hustler tractors for container transport.
A special thanks to Teri Romeo, Sea-Land Communications Services Specialist for giving permission to reprint this information.

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