BR21 Jet Snow Blower

Tom Walker says of his photos, "I work on Fort Richardson and occasionally go by the small yard ARR uses on post. This yard is where the photos for the rail welding operation were taken a couple of months ago (now shut down for winter). A MOW crew was clearing switch points and track this week after we had a mid-winter thaw and ice buildup. I saw in operation a Kershaw Ballast Regulator with a jet engine snow blower attachment ARR uses to literally blast away ice and snow off the switch mechanisms and track. One of the crew told me they have two of these one in Anchorage and the other in Fairbanks. I did a quick Google on Kershaw and found the ARR BR21 doesn’t look exactly like that shown on the Kershaw web site but I believe it’s the same jet engine (J57) with a different nozzle. Attached are some photos of the BR21 and a shot of BR23 with plow and blade they were also using for clearing and cleaning. When BR21 is wound up it screams just like a jet plane ready for take-off, I think they could use this thing for motive power in a pinch. Hope one of these shots is good enough for your Picture of the Week." [Webmaster's note: yeah, right!]

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Billows of snow and vapor Making snow fly Jet Snow Blower BR21 J57 Jet Blower (7,000 lbs.thrust)
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Break time Refueling BR21 BR23 Arctic locomotives


Mark Earnest caught this jet blower in Whittier:

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