2000 Pictures of the Week

01/03 Mike McGowen Refurbishment of Florida Fun Train car #552
01/10 Mike Weatherell Historic #3051 at Gold Creek
01/10 Tony Kimmel Newly manufactured SD70MAC #4004 passing though the Pennsylvania countryside
01/17 Curt Fortenberry Southbound passenger train #3013 as it goes through Happy, 6/20/99
01/24 Richard Wise HiRail truck, six miles south of Cantwell 8/1999
01/31 Heinz Buehler ARR passenger train, between Ancorage and Girdwood, 9/1999
02/07 N.D. Holmes New SD70MAC numbers 4005/4006 passing through Iowa, 2/5/00
02/14 Richard Wise Number 4002 at the depot in Anchorage at noon Friday, 2/11/00
02/14 Casey Durand Number 4002 being turned on the Anchorage wye, towed by GP40-2 # 3015
02/21 Steve Noland SD70MACs nos. 4005 and 4006 being loaded onto the barge on 2/18/00
02/28 Pat Durand ALCO RS1 no. 1000 at the Museum of Alaska Transportation an Industry 10/97
03/06 Steve Noland SD70MAC no. 4007 at Union Pacific's service facility at Argo (Seattle), WA 3/5/00
03/13 Curt Fortenberry EMD MRS-1 #1718 at Clear Air Force Base 10/1/98
03/20 Lori Tinjum A consist crossing the bridge at Palmer Flats with a very beautiful backdrop.
03/27 Steven J. Brown Absolutely awesome picture of the Aurora, 4/5/94
04/03 Patrick Durand Pat Durand's 1.5 scale F7 #1500
04/10 Patrick Durand F7 #1500 at the Museum of Alaska Transportation and Industry
04/17 John Combs ARR SD70MAC #4016 at Conway Yard, PA 3/15/00
04/24 Richard Wise A very striking night shot of the SD70MACs lurking in the dark at the Anchorage Yard 3/22/00
05/01 Richard Sanders Caboose number 1071 in original paint
05/08 Steve Noland GP40s nos. 4009/4010 with new paint pulling to West Seattle, WA on May 4, 2000
05/15 Steve Noland Number 2002 repainted in the West Seattle yard on 5/11/00
05/22 Mike Ferguson Note to reviewer: Image was not photographed by Mike Ferguson. Mi'chelle A. Barnes, 1993 all rights reserved. Do not use without pror permission.
05/29 Anch Museum Two important events occured in 1923.
06/05 E. D. Motis GP40 number 3015 in Fairbanks 7/84.
06/12 Richard Wise Aurora train (Anchorage-Fairbanks) departing Anchorage (MP 114.3) at 0830, 3/11/2000.
06/19 E. D. Motis Thanks to many friends, MRS1 #1718 was bought for MATI 7/85
06/26 Matt McCullor You can almost feel the icy cold as Matt McCullor snaps this photo of F7-B number 1503.  12/99
07/03 Randy Thompson My favorite girl!  In 1986, GP40-2 no. 3015 took my wife & I roundtrip Anchorage to Denali N.P.
07/10 Skip Engstrom Skip took this photo of a DOD flat in Anchorage yard in March
07/17 John Combs On my second visit to Alaska #3015 took my group from Anchorage to Seward 6/00
07/24 John Combs McKeen car near the Anchorage yard.  6/00
07/31 John Combs, etc. A tribute to the employees of the Alaska Railroad
08/07 Bill Wilt F7 bicentennial unit at Whitney (the east side of Elmendorf), 6/28/77
08/14 Jeff Childs Williams tank car in the Anchorage yard.  7/99
08/21 John Combs The tundra truck will now be used for hauling large personal items 6/00
08/28 Robert Krol SD70MAC no. 4010 crossing Trail Ridge Bridge.  7/00
09/04 E. D. Motis F7 no. 1502 at the Anchoarge Depot July 1985. 
09/11 Teresa Combs Two photos: My son John at the controls of an SD70MAC, passenger train between Anch & Denali
09/18 John Combs Realignment project south of Denali National Park. 6/00
09/25 Casey Durand Coastal Classic with lead unit no. 3009. 8/00
10/02 E. D. Motis Two F7s, one in standard paint and one in bicentennial colors.  6/85 
10/09 Bill Hutchinson Two beautiful photos at Bird Point; #1 and #2. 9/00
10/16 Jeff Childs Jeff Childs' Totem Ocean Trailer Express trailer.
10/23 Robert Krol Small tamper near International Airport Road. 9/00
10/30 Robert Krol Removal of ARR building in Whittier with debris removed via dump cars. 10/00
11/06 Paul Birkholz Northbound, empty coal train ready to depart Seward. 2000
11/13 Harold Emerick SD70MAC no. 4007 prepares to pull the Grandview to Seward.  2000
11/20 E. D. Motis Nos. 3003 and 1506 in the Anchorage yard.  11/19/80
11/27 Matt McCullor On October 1, the Alaska Railroad ran its longest passenger train, 32 cars. 10/1/00
12/04 Scott Banks The first of 80 heated, radio-controlled switching systems was installed at Hurricane. 11/30/00
12/11 Bill Navari Col. Mechanical reefer no. 11509 in the Anchorage Yard.
12/18 E. D. Motis ARR Business Car Denali at Denali Station in August of 1987.
12/25 Becky Reed The Combs family on the front of SD70MAC 4003 June 2000