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Welcome to the Alaska Railroad Picture of the Week archives. A photograph is truly worth a thousand words. The Picture of the Week page began on February 16, 1998 with Jeff Child's photo of the Alaska Railroad's first locomotive, number 1. Since that time, professional photographers, railfans, Alaska Railroad employees, historians and passengers have sent a multitude of prints, slides, scanned images and digital photographs. Unfortunately, I can only post a fraction of what I receive due to lack of time. Sit back, relax and enjoy!

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2006 Pictures of the Week
Art Chase What were you doing on New Year's eve??? Hardcore Alaska Railroad railfan Art Chase was braving the cold weather to bring you a couple (1, 2) of fine frosty pix from North Pole.
01/09 Warren Redfearn Three photos while Trainmaster Redfearn was working on #4317 leading a southbound oil train. 12/13/05
01/16 Jon Lang Capturing the shine on the side of these work rigs just west of the headquarters building around sunset. 11/11/05
01/23 Rich Holzapfel Moody tunnel collapse - about 50 tons of loose rock and dirt fell into and around a dump car. 6/7/05
01/30 Tom Walker A Ballast Regulator with a jet engine snow blower attachment blasts away ice and snow from switches. October 2005
02/06 Dale Greth Anchorage yard with ice frost on the trees, terrific blue sky and shadow of the AOC on bottom left." January 2006
02/13 Jeff DeBroeck Number 4003 between the wye switches at Chulitna (10/5/05); my MOW truck (10/6/05); a tie inserter inserting concrete ties on curve 277 (10/6/05)
02/20 Raymond Hamm I caught 4902 [on 1/6/06] switching cars. I believe that the unit recently was rebuilt internally.
02/27 Chris Byczek I remember reading on your site that you had a soft spot for one locomotive. I hope this is the one. If not maybe you can use it for the potw.
03/06 Jeff DeBroeck Work train at Hurricane. MP276 ish. December 2005.
03/13 Vickie Miller View from the restaurant at the top of the Hilton Hotel in Anchorage of the flats below. 2/28/06
03/20 Matt Leistico No. 802 at the AKRR depot in Anchorage for the open house when the two new Goldstar cars arrived, 5/13/05
03/20 Matt Leistico No. 052 was of last year's Easter train from Anchorage to Portage and back 3/26/05 taken just north of Indian.
03/27 Dale Greth Two new center beam bulkhead flats (1, 2, 3) for loading Spenard Builders lumber. 3/20/06
04/03 Andy Tejral

Alaska Railroad bi-level passenger car #600 sitting in the parking lot of Al’s Alaskan Inn. 4/2/06

04/10 Andy Tejral Nighttime black and white photo of switcher #1553..
04/17 Rich McCord These two photos were from Positive Train Control (PTC) test runs in 1999. We had stopped to change a radio in the PTC system. S. H. Stotts is the gentleman in the blue hard hat is the closest thing to being the father of PTC. Harry Ross was the conductor that day
    Nine Pictures of the Week to celebrate my web page's ninth anniversary
04/24 Nathan Holmes Containers on southbound mixed (mainly oil cans, probably considered an OX) at Healy. 5/02
04/24 Andy Tejral Beautiful night shot of Ship Creek area with Alaska Railroad yard buildings in the background. Winter 2006
04/24 Dominique Ney SD70MAC number 4319 getting serviced by a rent-a-can. 7/05
04/24 Art Chase "Eielson Coal train 1, driver in Chevey Cavalair 'Zero'. The train was holding while the Trooper investigated an accident. The car slid into a train at a Moose Creek crossing and the driver said that, 'he didn't see!'" 3/06
04/24 Jon Lang "Train Lady." SD70MAC no. 4015's nose is touching "Sleeping Lady" mountain. What a classic! 3/12/06
04/24 Robert Krol When Robert Krol went with his family to the Mexican Riveria several years ago, he sent me a photo of himself wearing his ARR 3015 T-shirt. He titled the email, "3015 goes to Mexico." This year I get one declaring "3015 goes to Hollywood. Man, that 3015 sure gets around!
04/24 Art Chase No. 4008 leads sister down the middle of North Pole. 3/17/06
04/24 Jon Bolton Jon & Jenny Bolton took the Nordic Ski Association's ski train to Grandview in February 2006 and had a blast. Jon says, "Grandview is a mountain pass between Seward and Anchorage that is only accessable by train. There is nothing there but pristine wilderness." After getting off the train, they decided to stick to showshoeing. They went wandering around the mountains and got some great photos.
04/24 Andy Tejral Andy chased no. 3010 south almost to Portage where his camera battery finally died. 4/11/06
05/01 Andy Tejral Andy finally saw his first Alaska Railroad train (1, 2) of the year today! 4/7/06
05/08 John Combs Monte Holme, owner of ex-Alaska Railroad #557, has passed away at the age of 89.
05/15 Bill Evans The Kennecott Speeder #10 and Chitina Auto Railer operated over the remains of the Copper River and NorthWestern Railroad after 1937. These were exhibits from the Alaska Railroad's open house in Anchorage on 5/6/06.
05/22 Robert Krol This flatcar is carrying a pickup truck pulling two rafts. The next flatcar holds a bus labeled, "Glacier Discovery Rafting." Portage, 5/12/06. For more information, click here.
05/29 Rich Holzapfel No. 3011 provides the power for Rich's work train. This photo was taken at milepost 233.4 with Denali as a very Alaskan backdrop. 5/15/06
06/05 Mark Earnest Graced with a backdrop of snowy mountains and a regal cruise ship, beauty queen #3015 looks even more stunning amidst an uncharacteristically sunny Whittier day. 5/24/06
06/12 Robert Krol "The ARR has plowed a road along the tracks in Bear Valley. They are getting to replace this bridge. I like the old wooden bridges, guess those MACs like steel bridges better." 5/06
Bonus Shane Durand Switcher #1551 shuffling freight in the Anchorage yard. 5/06
06/19 Mark Earnest T-16 arriving in Whittier for the annual inspection of the tracks.6/1/06 Also, see Rich Holzapfel's photo here.
06/26 Robert Krol The Sapphire Princess with the empty DEX (Denali Express) leaving Whittier (cropped or original photo). 6/24/06
07/03 Jim Keepe Carrie with bear from his 1952-1957 bridges and buildings album.
07/10 Randy Carnley Randy Carnley's final photo before his military transfer to South Carolina, GP49 #2803. June 2006
07/17 Pam LaForest Four SD70MACs pulling a string of hoppers. 2006
07/24 Mark Earnest "Keep on trucking!" - an old International Harvester truck and an ARR MOW truck on flatcars. July 2006
07/31 Matt Leistico Number 3015 as trailing unit (instead of the typical Budd car) on the returning Whittier passenger train. 7/3/06
07/31 RJ McKay View from number 3015's front window as she crosses the Mears Memorial Bridge at Nenana. 6/20/86
07/31 Pam LaForest A beautiful mountain backdrop enhances number 3015's beauty as she gets ready to connect to a string of hoppers outside of Portage. 7/22/06.
07/31 Robert Krol Number 3015 with the DEX (Princess passenger cars) in Whittier. 7/29/06
08/07 Matt Leistico Three former McKinley Explorer railcars now on the Royal Gorge Railroad. 7/20/06
08/14 Jim Somerville The Denali Star crossing a silt-laden river from the open window of Jim's J-3 Cub at about 1,000 feet. 7/06
08/21 Stewart Sterling Future Alaska Railroad Stars. Christmas break 1981/1982
08/28 Rich Holzapfel This is clearing the Princess cruise train at Indian." 6/20/06
09/04 Mark Earnest Aquatrain Rail Barge arriving at Whittier - Foss provides rail car barge service to the Canadian National Railroad from Prince Rupert, B.C. to Whittier towing the Aquatrain, the largest rail barge in the world. 7/27/06
09/11 Rich Holzapfel Hauling large rip rap for riverbank repairs in Healy Canyon at Windy. 9/07/06.
09/18 Brett Brown A big rock is block the train!
09/25 David Shechter Passenger train headed by #4319 at mile 309 on along the Parks Highway. 6/24/06
09/25 Dale Greth Sunrise from the Anchorage Operations Center (AOC). 9/14/06
10/02 Andy Tejral Dead head charter for Don Young taking the siding in Portage so that a NB Cruise train could proceed north. 8/5/06
10/02 Andy Tejral Northbound Whittier freight at Bird Point showing a nice representation of Alaska Railroad power. 8/6/06
10/09 Robert Krol Unloading cruise ship luggage into an open boxcar. August 2006
10/09 Robert Krol These semis were brought up on the barge. Here they are in Anchorage on August 28, 2006.
10/16 Mark Earnest These [1, 2, 3, 4] are part of ARRC's mobile emergency response and training assets. April 4, 2006
10/23 Mark Earnest The Alaska Railroad using a railgrinder to remove irregularities from rail tracks. [more] October 2006
10/30 Mark Earnest Nice color and texture of this shot of the refrigerated car outside of Glacier Seafoods plant. September 2006
11/06 Calvin Hall Louie Carey, one of three female engineers on the AKRR, in the 3013.
11/06 Jack Klingbeil "We do grow them (mushrooms) pretty big up here." 8/26/06
11/13 Terry Combs Matching the work train's speed in our vehicle between Broad Pass and Summit. 11/6/06
11/13 John Combs Engineer Herf Keith blows the horn on GP-40 #3007 as the work train reaches the Matanuska overpass. 11/6/06
11/20 Bob LaMay Three locomotives leading and one on the rear of this coal train. 6/4/06 11:15 pm
11/20 Bob LaMay Glacial Discovery and the Coastal Classic trains sitting in front of station in Anchorage on 6/4/06. 10:30 pm.
11/27 Matt Leistico The $23.7 million state-of-the-art Fairbanks depot (dedicated 5/26/05) is as beautiful as it is functional. However, this night photo conveys a softer charm and ambience long after the busy hum of tourists have departed.
12/04 Robert Krol Three engines in each of the three current paint schemes. 9/18/06
12/04 Robert Krol The coal hoppers give of a serpentine effect. Crown Point by Alaska Nellie's, 10/31/06
12/11 Matt Skal A stunning fall snapshot of P-31 along the Seward Highway. (10/13/06)
12/18 Louis Friend A father taking his son's photo in front of the Palmer Colony Christmas train. (12/9/06)
12/25 John Combs Not a creature was stirring, not even a mouse. (11/5/06)


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