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Welcome to the Alaska Railroad Picture of the Week archives. A photograph is truly worth a thousand words. The Picture of the Week page began on February 16, 1998 with Jeff Child's photo of the Alaska Railroad's first locomotive, number 1. Since that time, professional photographers, railfans, Alaska Railroad employees, historians and passengers have sent a multitude of prints, slides, scanned images and digital photographs. Unfortunately, I can only post a fraction of what I receive due to lack of time. Sit back, relax and enjoy!

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2004 Pictures of the Week
Art Chase The tank train getting ready to leave North Pole, 32 below, 1300 local, New Years Day. 1/1/04 (Also a bonus photo)
Jeff Turkel No. 2004 leads the Fairbanks tank train. January 2004
Robert Krol A SB train retreated to Portage when stuck behind an avalanche while returning to Anchorage from Spencer Glacier 1/10/04
Andy Tejral Three photos (1, 2, 3) of a snowbound passenger train (stuck behind an avalanche) kicking up some fresh powder. 1/10/04
Lloyd Tesch Snowfleet at Beluga Point headed south to work in the morning with Jordan Spreader #9 out front. 1/2/04
Mike Ferguson No. 4015 is the rear unit on the locomotives going around the loop in Fairbanks Yard. 1/21/04
Pat Durand An early 90's photo of the Fairbanks yard crane. It appears to be lifting 3002 although it is actually 60 feet away.
Bruce Gough Spreader 8 (with ice teeth) and 7 going to Seward to remove ice build up and snow. 2/13/04
Mark Lembersky Of coal and cruise ships: This stunning photo portrays the beauty that is uniquely Alaskan. 2003
Art Chase The ice fog made for some awesome shots with the sun directly down the lens and a temp of 48 below zero. 1/18/04
Pat Durand A combine as part of a mixed train near the Whittier Depot. Does anyone have more info on this combine? 1959
Mark Lembersky Cab control car number 31 is a refurbished F40, Amtrak #244. It is shown here as the end of a passenger train. 2003
John Combs Northbound 4003 pulling a string of empty tank cars as seen from the Healy overpass. 3/5/04
John Combs The best part about the Alaska Railroad is the people! 3/4/04
Gary Munsey Amtrak no. 434 just after arrival in Anchorage in September 1981. This would later become no. 2404.
Fred Wing Number 3051 gets a rebuild. 10/22/88
04/19 Matt Leistico The Easter train just returned from Portage with GP40 number 3015 (my personal favorite) on the front (1, 2). 4/10/04
Steve Andereggen Steve's G scale Alaska Railroad train (1, 2) in the snows of Oregon. 2004
05/03 Matt Leistico Here's three (1, 2, 3) photos of the Alaska Railroad's annual open house. 5/1/04
Randy Thompson The Whittier Provider loaded and ready for a voyage from Seattle to Whittier. 4/16/04
Steve Noland The first two of eight new SD70MACs arrive in Seattle (1, 2) to be sent via barge to Alaska. 5/15/04
Robert Krol The Coral Princess next to the new dock and port in Whittier. Some passengers rode the train to Anchorage. 5/15/04
John Combs Here is SD70MAC no. 4009 in the diesel shop. I took this photo during my March 2004 visit.
Rich Holzapfel An early March morning at Windy picking up the work train. March 5, 2004
Pat Durand Two SD70 units (4004 and 4319) bring 80+ refined fuel tanks from North Pole to Anchorage each day. 6/2/04
Rick McKinley A barge arriving in Whittier at near capacity (volume and space wise), but not quite to tonnage capacity. 6/2/04
Art Chase The power of three GP40s still in the freight paint scheme pulling a long consist of hoppers. 5/14/04
Fred Wing Once upon a time, they used this ramp (1, 2) to unload the barges in Whittier. 2/14/87
Randell Carnley Caboose 1776 at a fence company/junk yard north of Eagle River will be a future coffee stand down the road. 7/10/04
William A. Gibson Jr. FP7 1510 along Turnagain Arm with a 10 car passenger extra. 4/14/57
07/26 Matt Leistico Current construction of the new depot for the state fairgrounds "SOUTH PALMER STATION." 7/19/04
08/02 Rich Holzapfel Picking up scrap metal with the magnet on our excavator and my work train at Matanuska that same day. 5/04
08/09 Chris Byczek Number 3010 pops out of the Whittier tunnel making Chris run for his camera. 7/22/04
Art Chase A new SD70MAC heading up the locomotive power pulling a seeming infinite string of oil tanks cars. July 2004
Rich Holzapfel Rich's work train at mile 310 going towards Summit, on a beautiful July day 2004
Shane Durand A northbound passenger train crossing Eagle River Bridge. 8/8/04
Rich Holzapfel Experimentation of loading 1000 ft. rail strips onto 20 flatcars (1, 2) so they can haul them out farther than dragging, 9/3/04. Also, here are two photos (1, 2) of unloading these rails, 9/7/04.
09/13 Brian Greenawalt MOW equipment on a siding south of Curry and the second is a northbound passenger train at Hurricane Gulch. (8/15/04).
Byron Graham Number 3015 makes an end of season appearance in Denali Park. Mid-September 1999
09/27 Shane Durand Six GP49s crossing the Knik overflow bridge in the summer of 1993.
10/04 Jim Huff Number 216, the TANANA, crossing the Trail Lakes Bridge at Moose Pass sometime between 1948 and 1952.
10/11 Jim Huff Northbound passenger train from Seward at MP 49 in the old loop district sometime between 1948 and 1952.
10/18 Jim Huff 1950s work train at Mile Post 143.
10/25 Rich Holzapfel An early morning in Portage and one more on the same day in Portage, picking up ties." September 2004
11/01 Trey Kunz GP40 No. 3011 on a beautiful summer day at Twenty Mile Bridge (just north of Portage). (7/9/03)
11/08 Shane Durand Regardless of the winter conditions, the MoW must continue as seen here in a work train loading at MP131. (10/26/04)
11/15 Oren Hirsch Passenger train headed by No. 2002 in Girdwood. (8/04)
11/22 Shane Durand An excavator loading a work train at MP131 (8/26/04) and a car load of ties at Powder spur (8/29/04).
11/29 Rich Holzapfel His work train unloading his company's 988 loader at MP 78 in September 2004
12/06 Bob Focht Alaska Railroad's new passenger cars 651 and 652 with a final paint job at Colorado Railcar. 11/04
12/13 Frank Dewey Frank e-mailed this photo from his camera cell phone of a roll-by inspection of his northbound train at Hurricane. 12/04
12/20 Frank Dewey Santa prefers an SD70MAC over a sleigh. 12/04
12/27 Lloyd Tesch Spreader 7 coming into Hurricane plowing 5-6 foot drifts, temperature five above with a 25 mph north wind. 12/24/04

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