2001 Pictures of the Week
01/01 Jeff DeBrock Princess cars were formerly owned by Tom Rader's Tour Alaska company
01/08 E. D. Motis SD70MAC's are still 20 years in the future as ARR 3003 & 1506 await their call. Anchorage, 11/19/80
01/15 John Combs Kicking off John's review of MATI in Wasilla is a photo of no. 1500 at the museum. June 2000
01/22 John BienKiewicz John (from Canberra, Australia) sent this fall foliage photo from his September 2000 Alaska trip
01/29 Malcolm Brown "London babe" 4001 and "Altoona babe" 4008 sharing the fueling racks in the Anchorage Yard, 1/12/01
02/05 Paul Birkholz Paul captures a coal train waiting in the yard at Seward after unloading overnight. 2000
02/12 Clara Elge The Jolly Roger flag on caboose 1078 at the top of mile 12 hill at Divide heading into Seward.
02/19 E.D. Motis The rail terminal at Whittier hosts EMD's unique GP49s and two GP40 sisters. 5/17/96
02/26 Bill Waller Caboose 1019 is part of a hotel in Titusville, PA 8/1/00
03/05 Barry Lowe 1) Tie inserter/extractor with a tie crane, 2) Patrick Lowe operating the tie crane South of Sheep Creek . Summer of 2000
03/12 A. H. Morscher The ballast train headed by leased unit NREX 2002 and ARR GP40-2 3006. Denali Park 7/6/97
03/19 Ed Cooper Car knocker perched on the front of F7A #1526 1976-1978?
03/26 Robert Garner Alaska Railroad gondola in Iowa. 1/27/01
04/02 Clara Elge Business car on loan. Seward 2000
04/09 James de Broeck Night time beside the Anchorage shop. 3/31/01
04/16 Charles O'Herin Royal Caribbean railcars at the King Street Station in Seattle prior to being transferred to the barge by BNSF. 3/29/01
04/23 Casey Durand At the Palmer branch, just past the wye, GP 49 #2803 and 5,000+ foot Pioneer Peak . Fall 2000
04/30 Bill Navari Budd built stainless steel coach #5200 .
05/07 E. D. Motis EMD's classic F & E units never looked better than in this view at Anchorage. July 1985
05/14 Ed Cooper As daylight quickly slips away, FP7 #1510 waits in Eklutna siding for another train to pass. 1977
05/21 Ken Brovald Two color matched FP7s roll the Denali Express through the interior in the summer of 1981.
05/28 Ken Reuben A military Dodge Power Wagon fitted as a hi-rail car. Whittier 1944-45
06/04 Malcolm Brown A coal train about 2 miles north of Girdwood with SD70MACs. 4/11/00
06/11 E.D. Motis Alaska Railroad lineup at the Anchorage shops, 7/19/80.
06/18 Ken Brovald On a bitter cold February 1976 day, RSD4 1605 crosses Chester Creek bridge in Anchorage enroute to Whittier.
06/25 Clara Elge Derailment on the trestle is in Moose Pass and the bridge is over the end of Upper Trail Lake.
07/02 Paul Birkholz The southbound Coastal Classic passes over the trestle at the south end of the lake at Moose Pass.
07/09 Ken Reuben A 2-8-0 number #577 at Whittier in 1944-45.
07/16 Malcolm Brown Taken in Seward in May of 2000. This is the daily passenger train at that runs from Anchorage to Seward.
07/23 Ken Brovald The camera captured this archetypal Alaska winter scene of a trio of GP's hustling a Ski train on the Seward line in March 1980.
07/30 E.D. Motis Approaching Portage, AK, GP40-2 3012 & GP35 2502 are heading to rails end at Whittier. 8/11/81.
08/06 Paul Birkholz Northbound on the Denali Star on July 6th, 2000 between Cantwell and Denali Park Station.
08/13 Ken Reuben Brill #215 was usually paired with trailer #304 starting in 1939. Trailer #304 was converted from a Brill Model 75 (No M107) in 1939.
08/20 John Combs Steam engine #557 is now owned by Monte Holm in Moses Lake, WA. July 2001.
08/27 Ian Rebuild and repaint of GP40-2 numbers 3013, 3014 and 3015 at National Railway Equipment in Dixmoor, Illinois.  July 2001
09/03 Andy Tejral RDCs heading off into the sunset at Ship Creek. 8/9/01
09/10 John Quan GP-49 #2801 catches the reflection of the sun as it travels along Turnagain Arm.  6/01
09/17 Bill Ledbetter The train is southbound just north of the Denali depot, and the locomotives have just cleared the grade crossing. 8/31/01
09/24 Shane Durand After returning from refurbishment and repainting in Dixmoor, IL, no. 3014 is ready to get back to work.  Whittier 9/13/01
10/01 Shane Durand The ARRC unloads its new weed burner from the barge in Whittier.  9/13/01
10/08 Marty Quaas MRS1, 1718, USAF 80 ton, high cube box and regular box car arrive at MATI near Wasilla. 10/6/01 
10/15 Don Coppola Number 1508 finds a home in Palmer, Massachsetts.  The photos dates are 11/95 (top) and 10/94 (bottom).
10/22 Steve Noland Although I am fond of its old paint scheme, the recent rebuild/repaint means my fav loco will be around for many more years. 10/17/01
10/29 Shane Durand The Anchorage Provider, one of three new rail barges, docked in Whittier and ready for unloading. 9/01 
11/05 Shane Durand Four GP-49s pulling a long southbound freight. 8/7/01
11/12 Clara Elge Power line workers tried to haul some heavy equipment on a low boy trailer over the tracks at the old entrance to the Crown Point siding.
11/19 Jack Klingbeil Number 1016 on a turntable in Seward
11/26 E.D. Motis Head End Power (HEP) equipped GP40-2 no. 3010 lead ARR's business car Denali at Turnagain Arm.
12/03 Karl Hovanitz A view of 1510 in its fresh black and yellow paint scheme at Mt. McKinley Park Depot. (June 1973)
12/10 Ken Reuben RS-1 numbers 1001 and 1000 at the head of a freight train  (Whittier 1944-45)
12/17 Pat Durand E9-A number 2401 at the Anchorage Depot and in front of the Anchorage Diesel House in 1985.
12/24 Matt McCullor SD70MAC number 4001 celebrates the holiday season with a wreath. 12/21/01
12/31 Robert Krol The Aurora car on the Seward dock.  This train was 11 passenger cars long, P-30 power car, 2803 and the 2002."  (6/8/01)

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