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Welcome to the Alaska Railroad Picture of the Week archives. A photograph is truly worth a thousand words. The Picture of the Week page began on February 16, 1998 with Jeff Child's photo of the Alaska Railroad's first locomotive, number 1. Since that time, professional photographers, railfans, Alaska Railroad employees, historians and passengers have sent a multitude of prints, slides, scanned images and digital photographs. Unfortunately, I can only post a fraction of what I receive due to lack of time and server space. Sit back, relax and enjoy!

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2003 Pictures of the Week
01/06 Robert Krol A four photo mosiac shows snowy leased Amtrak units and 16 cylinder EMD engines on a flat car for a possible rebuild.  Jan. 2003
01/13 John Cummings Three photos of rotary #2.  The left shots (1, 2) are Anchorage, August 1959. The right shot is Anchorage, September 1959.
01/20 Unknown Number 1826 is shown here in Whittier during September 1968. MATI photo collection, L.98.4.22
01/27 Brian Miller A typical family rail trip to Seward ends with a photo of son and massive locomotive 3011.  Summer 2002
02/03 Casey Durand No. 2008 with the Whittier Shuttle exiting portal 3 into Bear Valley on 4/3/99.  This was the last season of the Whittier/Portage shuttle train.
02/10 Rich Holzapfel Work train engine no. 3007 in Whittier during one of their rare sunny days. Fall 2002 
02/17 Albert Bailey Steamer 802 in front of Roundhouse Curry in 1950
02/24 Rich Holzapfel Rich, an ARR extra Gang Foreman, paces his work train locomotives at MP 310.  Fall 2002
03/03 Jennifer McCullor A first class helicopter view of the Anchorage Yard.  2/16/03
03/10 Albert Bailey Two passenger extra trains meeting at Windy. 1950s
03/17 E. D. Motis The Ford pickups "keep on truckin" behind ARR GP49's 2807 and 2808, Anchorage 7/17/94. 
03/24 Nathan Holmes Two brand new McKinley Explorer railcars as they travel through the stunning Colorado scenery on their way to Alaska.  March 2003
03/31 Lukas Lusser A mixed freight train rounding Turnagain Arm south of Potter on July 16, 1990.
04/07 Bob Yost Three F units and a rotary in the Anchorage yard.
bonus Albert Bailey Snow fleet (two 550 class locomotives and a spreader) heading south out of Tunnel in 1951
04/14 Jim Somerville Jim Somerville's aerial photo clearly shows a section of the new alignment.  If you want to see an uncluttered version then click here.  3/16/03
04/21 Steve Noland A new McKinley Explorer railcar being loaded onto an Alaskan bound barge in Seattle on April 16, 2003.  Click here for a wider view.
04/28 Keith Ardinger A fully loaded rock train at Palmer.  Notice the old Department of Transportation logo on the nose of the locomotive.  September 1980
05/05 Albert Bailey A local freight headed north, stopped at Nancy Lake.
05/12 Jack Klinbeil Placing a passenger coach down onto the Tanana River ice for service to North Nenana run, winter of 1920.  Before the Tanana River Bridge was built, the river ice was used to transport cars and freight.  In the earliest days, when the Tanana Valley Railroad was narrow gauge, they actually transferred freight on the ice, offloading standard car freight onto a narrow gauge car.  Alaska Railroad photograph, Jack Klingbeil Collection.
05/19 E. D. Motis Number 3051, Alaska Railroad's failed attempt of making a GP40-2 from a GP35. Anchorage 7/18/80.
05/26 Jim Somerville Aerial view of the Seward coal terminal. 2002
06/02 Steven Brown Somber colors mark this photo of a southbound train prior to departure at Fairbanks. February 6, 1994
06/09 Matt McCullor Three new leased locomotives stick out like a sore thumb in the Anchorage yard.  6/8/03
06/16 Jeff Lubchansky SD70MAC number 4005 in the final stages of production in Altoona, PA.  1/9/00
06/23 Vincent Shen A pair of Whittier train scene photos (1, 2)
06/30 John Henderson Spreading ballast at Ship Creek flats, Anchorage 6/25/69
07/07 Unknown New cab control car GP50 #31.  It will have locomotive controls to act like a lead locomotive, but it has no traction motors and no prime mover.  June 2003
07/14 Unknown Mate 2 in Anchorage. 3/14/77
07/21 Jack Klingbeil The MACs that Jack built - Two 1.7 scale SD70MACs at Furrow Creek, Live Steamer's track, Wasilla 6/3/03
07/28 Wayland Ferreira The Denali Star passes through Healy Canyon.  June 2003
08/04 David Reed Alaska Railroad main line grade crossing, Clear AFS access road from the Parks Highway.  July 1993 at 4:30 a.m.
08/11 Mark Lembersky A spotlessly clean number 3011 in the lead on a wintry day at the Anchorage Yard.  Spring 2003
08/11 Bob Focht New cab control unit number 31 in the Anchorage engine house.  8/9/03
08/18 Tony Roof Numbers 3011 and 3010 in Seward amidst the fireweed.  July 2003
08/25 Pat Durand An HO scale diorama of the Nenana Depot wins Best of Show at the Alaska State Fair.  August 2003
09/01 Curt Fortenberry Cruise ship tourist arrive at the airport via the Alaska Railroad. 8/30/93
09/08 Rich Holzapfel Picking up an excavator at Indian. What a beautiful place to work! Summer 2003.
Pat Durand
A retouched photograph of number 502 at Nenana Depot. 2003
09/22 Pat Durand A double ended cruise ship train (from the airport to Seward) at Potter Section House on 7/703.
09/29 Curt Fortenberry North Pole's 50th anniversary dinner train at the Chena River. 9/27/03
10/06 Martin Baumann My favorite lady, number 3015 as part of a passenger train passing through Talkeetna on July 14, 2003.
10/13 Mike Ferguson Number 4001 at the south end of the Fairbanks yard on the Noyes slough bridge on the September 20, 2003.
10/20 Thomas Smith Troop sleeper #116 and some old style ARR containers on flat cars. 1970
10/27 Andy Tejral A roadworthy cab control car # 32 at MacHugh Creek trailing the Whittier train. 9/3/03
11/03 Pat Durand Late season 80 car coal train behind numbers 3001, Leasing Corp 2275 and 3004. 9/27/03
11/10 Rich Holzapfel Last of their kind at Portage, work train cabooses. Also work train equipment at mile 16.6. September 2003
11/17 John Bagley The Glacier Discovery train in the tunnel district on August 13, 2003.
11/24 Pat Durand 2005 lead a Jordan Spreader and a string of Difco Dump cars loaded with gravel on August 30, 2003.
12/01 Art Chase No's. 2007 and 2008 heading to Fairbanks from North Pole. 11/22/03
12/08 Pat Durand Switch maintainers removing snow in -39° F in the Fairbanks Yard. 12/2/03
12/15 E. D. Motis A passenger train pulled by a powerful SD70MAC passes through Talkeetna. 8/20/03
12/22 Keith Ardinger A variety of power pulls a passenger train through the Healy Depot on a cold Alaskan winter day. march 1980
12/29 Multiple In honor of the holidays, I posted nineteen POTWs. Click here to find out what the heck is going on!

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