From ARRC employee Pat Flynn:

The vessels captured in Mr. Krol's May 12 photos belong to Class V Whitewater, which is the vendor who operates the Spencer Glacier/Placer River trip for ARRC. They were added to the mix last season. Information about the trip is on ARRC's web site at:

On the Class V site at:

From ARR historian Pat Durand:

Here is another line side industry. All it takes is a 12 passenger bus and a wide spot next to the tracks where the passenger train can stop.

Just talked to Chris Owens, owner of Chugach Adventure Guides about his dugout war canoes. These were purpose built for the Spencer Lake canoe trips offered by his company for the more adventurous visitors on the Alaska Railroad trips to the Spencer Glacier. The boats are 31 ft. long built from Kevlar and fiberglass. They handle 10 paddlers and a guide. That's where the adventure begins because as Chris says, you are the engine.

You can board the ARR train in Anchorage or get on at Portage at 1:15 pm and you are back on the train about 4:45 after a three hour trip on Spencer Lake. This is one of many growing options as the Alaska Railroad is offering more choices for passengers who want to explore the Chugach National Forest from trackside. You can make reservations with the Alaska Railroad or direct from Chugach Adventure Guides by calling 783-4354.