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Welcome to the Alaska Railroad Picture of the Week archives. A photograph is truly worth a thousand words. The Picture of the Week page began on February 16, 1998 with Jeff Child's photo of the Alaska Railroad's first locomotive, number 1. Since that time, professional photographers, railfans, Alaska Railroad employees, historians and passengers have sent a multitude of prints, slides, scanned images and digital photographs. Unfortunately, I can only post a fraction of what I receive due to lack of time. Sit back, relax and enjoy!

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2005 Pictures of the Week
Bob Focht Approaching Hurricane: my brother and family rode the Hurricane turn with me on an absolutely BEAUTIFUL day. 1/1/04
Jean Schumacher These coaches were once used for accomodations outside the McKinley Park hotel. summer 1976
Robert Krol A Ballast Regular in Whittier cleaning the yard tracks before a Canadian Freight came to town. 12/04
Shane Durand Awesome early morning photo taken in the Anchorage yard. 12/30/04.
Art Chase Coming around the end of the runway at Fort Wainwright is the second tank train off the North Pole branch for 2005. 1/1/05
Rich Holzapfel This beautifully captured moment is a misty morning in September at Portage switching in the yard." 9/04
01/17 Art Chase GP40 no. 2004 and company changes out the oil cans at the refinery with the temperature a balmy -43 degrees. 1/10/05
01/24 Jean Schumacher A bicentennial F7 unit in the lead of a passenger train in the summer of 1976
01/31 Steve Drassler Steve Drassler operating train No. 1776, with locomotive 1512 (1, 2) at Anchorage in the summer of 1976.
02/07 Unknown Number 570 is the US Navy number on a former US ARMY MRS1 EMD unit. Anchorage, 10/4/78
02/14 Warren Redfearn Set of three: Meet at Hurricane, Sherman City Hall and railroad tracks with Denali in the background. 2/12/05
Shane Durand You can almost feel the bone penetrating cold and hear the low rumble of those 4,000 hp engines. January 2005
02/28 Jerry Percell Number 3014 heading up a northbound passenger train at Denali Park Depot, circa 1987.
03/07 Rich Holzapfel Jordan Spreader No. 9 making the snow fly at Montana. February 2005
03/14 Rich Phyillaier Ballast train at Happy; was on it's way to the washout site, that happened summer 2003.
03/21 Art Chase SD70MAC No. 4014 pulls out of the North Pole refinery heading up a seemingly endless stream of tank cars
03/28 Matt Leistico Three photos (1, 2, 3) of the Easter special which went from Anchorage to Portage and back. March 26, 2005
04/04 Art Wettanen A Cat 320C Self propelled Excavator. March 2005
04/11 Rich Holzapfel Work train crossing Riley Creek bridge in Denali Park. March 2005
04/18 Mark Earnest The Denali railcar in Whittier on April 6, 2005 on its way south.
04/25 Mark Earnest Two of the Princess domes in Whittier after returning from refurbishment (1, 2, 3). 4/22/05
05/02 Matt Leistico From the ARR 2005 open house: John Q. Taxpayer checks out brand new SD70MAC #4317; click here for more photos
05/02 Andy Tejral From the ARR 2005 open house: ARR special agent Hy-Rail 4/30/05; click here for more photos
05/09 Michael McGowen Two brand spanking new McKinley Explorer railcars, 1058 Kashwitna, and 1059 Teklanika. 5/8/05
05/09 Raymond Hamm Here our fine lady #4322 shows us there is much more to her than just a beautiful face. 5/7/05
05/16 Pat Durand Locomotive 562 is shown near Birchwood with Sleeping Lady on the distant horizon. Is it real or is it a model?
05/23 Jeff McCrea The MOW train right at the Portage/Whittier Wye, about 5 miles north of the Portage glacier turnoff. 4/25/05
05/30 Art Chase Number 4007 is getting the air up to switch out the tanks. 1/2/05
05/30 Mike Ferguson Number 4014 north at Goldstream crossing with TOFCs. 5/2/05
05/30 Stewart Sterling A rare ABBBBA configuration in the Anchorage Yard sometime in the 1980s.
05/30 Raymond Hamm A new depot at Fairbanks features an open house plus No. 4101 heading up a passenger train including the new bi-level dome cars offering, "GoldStar" service 5/26/05
05/30 Lloyd Tesch Overhead shot of the Garner line change. 5/24/05
06/06 Renaud Chodkowski Southbound train from Fairbanks, 4004+4005+oil cars at Honolulu. 5/5/05
06/13 Rich Phyillaier Flood plain bridge was taken February 2003 on an outing with Mike Ferguson.
06/20 Art Chase Nos. 4318 and 4324 pulling the cans into Fairbanks (1, 2), approaching College Road shortly before the tracks to the new depot. 4/25/05
06/27 Richard Elgenson At Potter's Marsh with tons of insects capturing the Glacier Discovery with a former mayor was hosting a wedding reception aboard. 6/05
07/05 Philip Wormald Numbers 4014 & 4002 on northbound oil train at MP129. June, 25 2005
07/11 Raymond Hamm The Tanana Valley Model RR Club members are working hard on their new layout up and running in the new Fairbanks depot. [More] 7/05
07/18 Rich Holzapfel Rich's work train at Riley Creek Trestle, June 2005.
07/25 Stewart Sterling Passenger car #5206 which was damaged from a yard movement accident. Anchorage yard, 08/26/81
08/01 Keith Ardinger The winner by a nose! Anchorage yard, September 1980.
08/01 Keith Ardinger No. 4008 leading at passenger train at milepost 105.
08/07 Marv Miller A pair of photos (1, 2) of steam locomotive outside the Anchorage depot in 1948.
08/15 Rich Holzapfel Unloading an excavator at the University Ave. crossing in Fairbanks, May 2005
08/22 Steve Patterson GP38-2 number 2002 heads a passenger train at Girdwood, June 28, 2005.
08/29 Stewart Sterling No. 4008 at the Whittier cruise ship terminal siding with the NCL "Norwegian Dream" on 7/15/05.
08/29 Nathan Holmes Part of an Army shipment at Denali 23 May 2002.
09/05 John Combs A work train south of Hurricane lowers concrete ties to the ground and releases them. 8/23/05
09/12 Virginia Gray Southbound Denali Star getting ready to cross Honolulu Creek. June 2005

Richard Phyillaier

Number 4324 with a southbound OX crossing the trestle at Ferry. August 2005
09/19 R.J. McKay Rotary snowplow #4 at the north end of the Anchorage diesel shop. 6/27/86
09/26 Jim Somerville A beautiful aerial photograph of the Grandview train. June 2002
10/03 Randy Thompson What could be more Alaskan than float planes and a blue and yellow passenger train? Moose Pass, 8/19/05
10/10 Randell Carnley Rail welding train at Fort Richardson. For a complete set of photos, click here. 10/8/05
10/17 Unknown These were given out at the opening of the Airport Rail Depot Grand Opening December 4, 2002
10/17 Jack Klingbeil Putting a spreader back on the track. Date unknown
10/17 Unknown Number 1106's builder's plate.
10/24 Matt Leistico Our southbound Whittier train takes the Rainbow siding for a northbound cruise ship train. 9/11/05
10/31 Virginia Gray Here's a Denali Star photo, taken September 2005. Don't remember if it was NB or SB, or what milepost.
10/31 Jim Somerville Six aerial photos: taken in 2005.
11/07 Raymond Hamm A former ARRC snow plow with close-up of ARR designator. 10/22/05
11/14 Unknown Postcard - The entire ARR dock, terminal warehouse, station and yard was wiped out by tsunami and earthquake. Courtesy US Geological Survey
11/21 John Combs Railroad graffiti: 1) a bit of wry humor (larger image), 2) a social statement on a very fitting railcar (Halliburton, i.e. Vice President Cheney and his reported ties). Fairbanks, August 2005
11/28 Alaska Railroad A passenger train on ice for service to North Nenana run, winter of 1920. Before the Tanana River Bridge was built, the river ice was used to transport cars and freight. In the earliest days, when the Tanana Valley Railroad was narrow gauge, they actually transferred freight on the ice, offloading standard car freight onto narrow gauge cars. Photo from the Jack Klingbeil Collection.
12/05 Alaska Railroad Station men at work in rock cut, mile 37, Turnagain Arm division, AEC Railway. Number 22 never made it to the Alaska Railroad's roster. 3/13/18
12/12 Alaska Railroad Matanuska and Chickaloon Train #242 leaving Anchorage. Photo from the Jack Klingbeil Collection.
12/12 Alaska Railroad No. 1000 near Portage Glacier. This photo was taken just out of the tunnel. Notice how close the glacier is in the background and the buildings to the right. This is near where the visitors center is today. Photo from the Jack Klingbeil Collection.
12/12 Alaska Railroad Water tower at milepost 51. This photo was taken in October 8th 1919 and sits just below the entrance to the loop. If you look close in the background you will see a man on a speeder on the trestle. Photo from the Jack Klingbeil Collection.
12/19 Stewart Sterling Six photos (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6) of my favorite lady GP40 #3015 - hopefully my future Christmas present!
12/26 Art Chase 16 photos of the December 20-21, 2005 North Pole oil train.


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