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I fell in love with the Alaska Railroad (ARR) after my wife and I rode it in the summer of 1986. We rode from the Anchorage station to Denali National Park where we backpacked and camped for several days. We returned to Anchorage with a long stop due to Federal Hours of Service Law. The crew had worked its 12 hour shift and a new crew had to be sent in. Not long after returning to my home in Ohio, I began modeling a 12' x 16' ARR HO layout in my basement.
This is an unofficial Alaska Railroad web site. For the official site click here or to make passenger reservations click here.
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Engine 557 Garners Atwood Award - 10/9/15

We are pleased to announce that Anchorage's Atwood Foundation has awarded the Engine 557 Restoration Company a $5,000 grant to assist with the purchase of parts, supplies, and contracted services to assist with 557's restoration. This follows two previous grants from the Foundation. Thank you Atwood Foundation! To make a donation, go to the Engine 557 page under "donate."

Sponsor a tube/flue for 557's restoration - 5/12/15

Sponsorship of new tubes and flues has proven to be a popular way to support the restoration of 557. They are a popular birthday gift for the person who has everything and memorial for a former railroad employee or rail fan. Donors are provided with a nice certification of their sponsorship. For details, or to see who has supported 557 by sponsoring one or several tubes or flues, go to the Engine 557 page under "donate."

ARRC releases 2016 annual poster/ print - 10/27/15

2016 poster
The Alaska Railroad (ARRC) will release its 2016 annual poster/print at three public sale-and-signing events featuring artist Jason Vukovich who will sign prints and posters. For more info click here.

Alaska Railroad featured in iPhone commercial - 10/11/15

Check out Joshua N's Alaska Railroad Apple iPhone 6 video which was used for a TV Commercial. It also features Johnny Cash's song, "All I Do Is Drive".

Alaska Railroad launches photo contest - 8/17/15

ANCHORAGE, Alaska - The Alaska Railroad is launching a photo contest this week and 18 lucky winners may get to see their own work in the railroad's 2016-2017 calendar. For more information, go www.alaskarailroad.com/catchthetrain

Returning locomotives from snowslide at MP 246.7

Alaska weather:
- weather.com
CC's interactive map. 
satellite image

Alaska webcams:
4th Ave & G St, Anchorage
- Anchorage port, Anchorage
- Cook Inlet, Anchorage
- Fairbanks
- Seward Harbor
- Valdez Harbor (east & west)
- Whittier
- Whittier loading dock
- ARR Depot (Denali N.P.)

- Virtual Guidebook
- ARR Gift Shop, Facebook
- Alaska Railroad Flickr Group
- ARRrailfans Group
- Railpictures.net (ARR)
- Alaska's Digital Archive
- My past polls
- 557 Restoration Co. on FB

This web site is dedicated in memory of Jeff Childs (1959-2000), railfan, friend & mentor. Jeff was my inspiration & driving force during the initial creation of this web site. Jeff's love for the Alaska Railroad was very contagious & will be greatly missed.
And in Memory of... .

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