Curry Alaska

A Strange Moment in Time

by Ralph Omholt

"I don't remember much about Curry. I was there just once - in early 1943 - when the train stopped there overnight and you had to get off whether you wanted to or not. The main thing I remember is the classy service at the hotel, which my wife and I enjoyed. I guess it was on a standard of the regular National Park hotels. Most of the passengers just grumbled at the expense. We had a huge black sled dog with us. He was really just a pet, but a magnificent beast. When we got to our hotel room, we looked out the window. Would you believe, someone had already turned Tuffy loose, and he was down by the kitchen where the cooks were tossing steaks out to him. That's my big memory of Curry, and I am afraid it would not add much to a history of the place. But the miners coming and going from their jobs in the Interior sure did gripe about the expense and time lost caused by having to stop there." – Jim Williams; retired mining engineer



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